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Tennis Is A Much More Limited Sport Than Others Like Football.

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One of the most important keys, in my opinion, is the previous meetings between both players. If we decided to enter a bet, seeing that the information was useful to come, the next key is to know the head to head between the players who are facing ... We can inform ourselves and see that one tennis player has more options than another or that it is a match very equal and we have decided to enter the games that are in the game, but if we see that the H2H does not match what we have chosen, it is better not to bet.

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The Keys You Should Know About Tennis Bets

Many times you have been able to follow the Grand Slams of tennis through our Blog entries dedicated to these four world events that concentrate the interest and passion of thousands of fans. But we needed to explain in broad terms what are the bets of tennis, what advantages can offer us with respect to sports betting of football, basketball or other games and how we can begin to familiarize ourselves with this modality, one of the most important (although not look like) of the sports betting market.

I still remember how I became addicted to tennis. As a child, I had already developed a strong passion for playing table tennis, but it was during the first professional practices that they taught me a lot of everything I know about this blessed sport. I do not know if I’ve ever told you that I’m a journalist, and when I landed in the sports department of one of the most prominent newspapers in this country, there was hardly any room for me in football information. Standard, it was taken by the figures in the newsroom. So the tennis expert welcomed me as his pupil.

There I learned how to differentiate a tennis player from a back court player; I became familiar with the tactics in the exchanges of rallies, I began to guess when it was time to make a backhand stroke or a right passing and above all I fell in love with an eminently psychological sport, a delicious technique and an unparalleled tactic for those who once had wood strategists. Duels between two players where it only matters to decipher the contrary, study their weaknesses and defeat them in an exercise of physical effort that can last for hours.

Previous Considerations

Although it may seem very unpredictable, In broad strokes, it is enough that we follow the results of the prestigious tournaments and the game of the players we want to bet on to know their weaknesses, their strengths and where they perform best. The players that are in the ‘Top 10’ of the ATP ranking do not usually fail ever and on any surface except when they play against each other, and for the rest of the matches, we can use a simple comparison in multiple statistics sites. Unlike other sports, tennis is very traced to the statistics it reflects, with a smaller margin of the surprise than in different modalities.

The Markets Of Sets

Just as in football we play with the demands of intervals, of goals or corners, in the betting of tennis it is fundamental to take advantage of the markets of sets. It is logical that we enter the doubts whenever we want to bet on a match between two tennis players ranked in Ranking and statistics, but if we have studied their previous confrontations, we can always make a cut using this modality as opposed to a simple bet to win one or the other.

The Game Markets

And down one more step in our ‘deconstruction’ of tennis bets, it may be the case that we want to bet on, for example, a first-round match of the world number one against an unknown tennis player in the Ranking. Normally, these shocks have derisory quotas for the better. In these cases, it is usually normal to resort to the gaming markets. Surely betting for 2-0 or 3-0 insets will also be very low, so we can pull this other type of bets to take profit

There are more or less than 30 games in the game’, to give an example, it is a terrific market when this happens to us. Or we can even bet with a handicap of games in favor of a tennis player if we believe that his victory will be incontestable and will hardly grant opportunities to his rival. We can also bet on a ‘total number of games’ in a given set.

Tennis Bets, Ideal For Combined

Finally, in addition to another series of markets in which we can be tested as we become tennis specialists (tie-break, or which player will be the first to break the service of the opponent, for example), we can use the Tennis bets to form combined stakes.

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The Opinion Of The Expert

However, we could not finish these recommendations without drawing on the vision of someone who earns day to day through sports betting and, individually, with tennis betting in large part. This is Ivan Gabriel, a tipster who has collaborated with Sportive on other occasions and who offers us his particular vision of tennis betting in five keys that are, for him, the fundamentals when learning to handle this type of markets:

  • Strategy

To start making bets in the world of tennis, first of all, and the most important thing is to follow an appropriate plan. Take into account if you are going to bet according to some criteria or others, by this I mean that there are several strategies to bet on this sport. In what market to focus? Winner of a match, winner of 1 set, total games of the game, exact result … There we will have to define our strategy and focus on a market, which in the long term will benefit us.


Before making your first bet, another important key is the information of each tennis player. Here we will have to spend time every day to see how each player arrives, how he plays on each surface, look when he comes watching his last weeks of competition, see if he has had physical problems in the previous tournaments and the load of matches he has … Where can we go and see all this data? There are websites with detailed information for each tennis player,

  • Tournament History

The players move by sensations and above all, motivation and involvement in each tournament. It has been shown that there are tennis players who point out dates in their calendar, either for one reason or another. Many aspects can determine the causes.

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